Parker Pen box. Image by author.

Should this expensive classic be your daily driver?

Shot at f2.8. Image by author.

A hidden gem in the world of nifty fifties.

This show gets talks about a lot for good reason.

Image by ITV.

We’ve Come a Long Way

It’s mad to think Vera has been on…

Living with six strangers is a weird but wonderful concept.

Image by author

It’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

STK 61 keyboard. Image by author.

Is there a formula for success on Medium?

An interesting idea that other cafes should adopt.

Illustration by author, using Bebas Neue font.

Big-headed boomers who bully up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Image by Dragons Den.

No fancy ingredients or machinery required.

Image by author.

I lost 26lbs in 6 weeks, safely. But this diet isn't for everyone.

Gareth Willey

Optimist | Minimalist | Photographer | Walker

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