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There’s very little information out there about this lens. Forums seem to ask more questions than they answer, and I can’t find any sample photos.

It’s an unpopular focal length. Photographers typically either want the comfort of a 135mm or to make the ambitious jump to 300mm. The 200mm focal length can be seen as an awkward middle, like how the 85mm is awkwardly placed between the popular 50mm and 135mm.

This was actually an impulse purchase. I spotted it on eBay for just £20. At that price, the curiosity got the better of me. …

A software solution for a lot of photographers.

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Maybe it’s just me, but for too long I’ve had to deal with lag when viewing RAW files. The pre-production process of viewing and selecting which RAWs you want to work on in editing is tedious enough.

The slowness that comes from Windows File Explorer, Adobe Lightroom, etc. is unnecessary and unwanted. The delay between each photo drives me mad!

I can’t be the only one who faces this issue. After some Googling, I’ve found a few pieces of software that promise speedy RAW viewing. After testing a few of the main ones, I’ve chosen my companion.

It’s simply named ‘FastRawViewer’. You can down a free trial and purchase it for a one-off fee of £19 ($26). …

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What results can you get from a cheap 70s lens?

Vintage lenses are known for their cheapness, and this one certainly lives up to that. I bought this beauty for just £30 ($40) on eBay. Some pay as little as £7($10) for one.

So this isn’t a question of whether you spend your money on it, but rather: is it worth spending your time on it? Should you rely on it to be your dedicated telephoto lens?

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Getting past Shutterstock’s stubborn selection system.

It’s so irritating when you work hard to photograph, edit and submit a pile of images only to get rejected. A lot of time can be lost from tagging photos that don’t make the cut.

In this post, I’ll share details on how to get every single one of your images accepted. We’ll go through five common rejection reason and learn how to get through them.


So firstly, Noise. This used to be the most common rejection reason for myself before I learned how to get around it.

All you have to do is half your image size before saving it. If your photos are around 6000px wide, change it to 3000px. …

A newbie’s impression of this unique blogging platform.

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If you’re like me, you have an on-and-off relationship with blogging. I’ve been blogging since I first gained access to the internet when I was 17, but I’ve taken long breaks between. I’m hoping Medium is where I finally settle down.

I love the concept. It’s not about how many followers you have, like Instagram and Twitter, or how clickbaity you can be, like YouTube. You simply get rewarded for writing well. That’s what really grabbed me.

Medium makes me feel less like a blogger and more like a writer. I’m much more passionate about words than I’ve ever been. …

What I’ve learned from the 100s of photos that HAVEN’T sold.

Recently, I wrote about my most successful stock images, to share what kind of photos can sell well. But there’s also an abundance of lessons to be learned from mistakes and failure.

When it comes to stock photography, the 80:20 rule is in full swing. You’ll submit a lot of images, but only a small margin of them will sell. But you have to submit them all because who knows what will sell?

Here’s a short list of my biggest flops, along with what I’ve learned from them. I hope this helps you with your stock photography journey.

1. Wildlife

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You don’t have to be posh to be privileged.

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White Diamond Kettle 1.7L by Wilko. (Image by author).

It’s not often one buys a new kettle. Kettles only do one thing, but they do it so well. Better than a hob. And so it’s gained a place on our kitchen worktops.

Us Brits need our tea and coffee, and we want them to be brewed quickly and conveniently. Thank God for the humble kettle, helping to fulfil those daily cultural needs.

It’s for these reasons that we should take our kettle choice seriously, carefully selecting which kettle we adopt and bring into our home.

My housemates and I were getting bad tummies, and finding grey bits at the bottom of our mugs. After looking inside out kettle at the time, it was obvious why. …

Why this app may be worth keeping on your phone.

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When it comes to paid surveys, I’ve always found them laughable. You get little return for your time and data. Many will claim it’s a side hustle, but it’s really not. It’s more like getting loyalty point or vouchers for giving greedy companies even more data than you already volunteer to them for free.

That being said, the Google Opinion Rewards app has been on my phone for over 4 years, and I used it almost every day. But why?

Yes, it can be said that Google Opinion Rewards is the same as the others, in the respect that they gain data from you in exchange for credit. …

When it comes to stock photography, I firmly believe that none of us can predict what images will and won’t sell. The best way to go about it is to submit anything and everything.

However, as you do this, you’ll clearly see trends within your portfolio. And from that, you can get an idea of what type of images can sell more, in terms of your individual photography.

I’ve been selling on Shutterstock for 10 months, and have been more successful than I expected. I have 700 images in my portfolio, making around $400 (£300) from 635 sales.

I’ve found it helpful to know what other photographers are selling the most of. It can give an idea of what to shoot if you’re stuck. Here are my top 10 sellers. …

Is Google’s gaming service worth a shot?

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For being a YouTube Premium member, Google sent me their Stadia bundle for free, along with a month’s free trial to their Pro service.

Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform. Instead of owning a physical console and plugging it in, you use your wifi to connect to the console. The console being a server somewhere in the world.


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