Has it been worth it so far?

Screenshot of my current stats page.

Last time, I talked about my experience of being active on this platform for 6 months. Reading it back, I seemed hopeful of my future success here, and was certainly willing to put the work in.

However, shortly after, I was getting so disappointed with the earnings. I know many say you have to play the long game. But on the other hand, many have found success here quite quickly.

I’m certainly willing to contribute regularly over the next few years. But every time I look back and how much a post makes me, I’m saddened by their earnings. …

A rant about the Shop Local movement.

Image by author.

Why is it that the local residents are pushed and pressured to support local businesses? You shouldn’t shop somewhere just because you’re peer-pressured by the council or hipster millennials.

You should give your custom to those who deserve it. Businesses that offer a damn good product and service, regardless of their size.

I’m sick of people telling me to shop local when it’s not always the better option. In my experience as a traveler of the UK, it rarely is.

A few years ago, I had a radio show on local radio, where I was made to feel morally obligated…

Image by author.

The key to striking images is a subject that stands out.

Nothing much has changed from the days of vintage lenses. Photographers will still pay far more for a ridiculously large aperture. I’m sure f1.4 has a place in particular scenarios, but it’s relied on far too often. Simply applying a large aperture to blow out the background seems the easiest approach, but is far from the best.

Happy snappers don’t feel the need to worry about composition, colour, angle or background whatsoever. They simply shoot all of their images at the same f-stop and let their fast, auto-focus system crack on with the job. Maybe this is why we take…

Can these pills solve your energy and motivation problem?

Packaging of BrinzyMe Focus Pro. Image by author.

I’m a big believer that any problem can be solved by simply listening to what our body tells us and then abiding by that. We can only fight against nature for so long before it catches up to us.

But what if you’ve tried everything to get out of this rut you’re in, yet you still feel sluggish and aren’t as productive as you used to be?

It’s not necessarily energy we have an issue with, but rather focus. It’s easy to drink coffee and go for a run to make ourselves feel energized, but we often don’t use that…

How to organise your phone for productivity, not distraction.

Firstly, let me just say that phones are great. They get a bad wrap these days, but they’re crucial to digital productivity. It’s the swiss army knife of today’s world. The fact that you can have a computer in your pocket is amazing.

Of course, on the other side of that coin is the struggle of addiction. Maybe it’s time for you to have a spring clean and change your mobile habits.

Achieving minimalism on your phone has a bunch of benefits. The main one being you’re no longer a slave to it, scrolling and tapping like a zombie.

1. Bland Design


An inside look into the life of people who love to walk.

Image by author.

I’ve always grown up walking. Mum never learned how to drive, nor did we know anyone who owned a car. We walked anywhere and everywhere.

We walked to school and back each day. We walked to the supermarket and carried a full week’s shopping back up the hill we lived on top of. If we wanted to go to the local lighthouse, we had to walk hours through countryside lanes to get there.

During lunchtimes in high school, I would walk along the edge of the premises, circling the land. I felt restless and just had to move.

Now that…

Miranda 28mm 2.8, Yashinon-DS 50mm 1.9 and Vivitar 135mm 2.8. Image by author.

My mistake of thinking a £2,000 lens is better than a £20 one.

You may have already been in my position at some point. Or maybe you’re going through that stage right now.

You spend years saving up for a beast of a camera, like a Canon 5D Mark iii. Along with that, you must have a range of pro lenses, like the Canon L-series or Sigma Art lenses.

But the law of diminishing returns very much applies to camera gear. We spend a lot of money for just a small increase in quality.

I spent years saving up for all of this gear, thinking my photography would be so much better with…

I win most of my matches. Here’s my best advice.

Screenshot from a Battle Royale match.

I remember playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in high school. And since then, I haven’t stopped. You can imagine my excitement when they announced a mobile version.

Like many, I was skeptical; worried that it wouldn’t live up to the heist or be nowhere near as good as the console game. But it turned out to be a fantastic experience. I’ve played it nearly every day since the releases.

With that addiction came a lot of mistakes being made, and lessons learned. …

And why the rest of the British Isles hasn’t.

It was a regular morning. I hobbled down to the kitchen in my dressing gown and popped the kettle one. While it was boiling, I casually checked BBC News for any updates. Well, you’ll never guess what I read!

Isle of Man has decided to end their lockdown and go back to normal. Not a new normal: the old normal we all miss.

Face masks don’t have to be worn in public places. No more staying 2 metres apart. Households can mix. All shops are open for business. Madness.

This self-governing island has been a shining example for all of…

The mindset and strategies that give you the edge.

Pack of cards, spread out. Image by author.

My grandmother taught me how to play Gin when I was in high school. She taught me a lot of other card games too, but I always wanted to play Gin.

There’s a real thrill to it. Not knowing how far along your opponent is; deciding what cards to sacrifice; and, of course, deciding when to knock.

I don’t wish to brag, but I win almost all the games I play. I long for that excitement again. Here it is: my best advice.

Play the Player, Not the Game

This is what really separates the pros from the amateurs. If you know what type of player…

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